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"Joe Luu knows how to make us laugh!! He also helps families save money. He helped my husband and I to budget and find a proper protection plan."

Diana Colon, Textile Design Artist.

"Joe Luu is hilarious! I can't stop laughing on my way home."

Louis Easton, Producer of Still Thinking Entertainment. 

"That 'Major Luu, Sir Joke' still stays in my head."

William Blanco, Founder and CEO of Melie Bianco Fashions.

"Just straight forward! Joe Luu tells you like it is, he is Raw! Funny dude."

Tony Cosby, Comic at the J-Spot and Flappers Comedy Club.

"Funny guy, the joke "Made in China" is freaking clever."

Jose Ernie Alvarez, Arcadia High School Senior.

"Captain Joe Luu is not only funny but entertaining. Easy to relate to and an all around great guy."

Steven Briggs, Comic and Actor in Comedy Central.

"The funniest and realist comic in the game."

Jamario McClain, Host and Comic for the  Hawaiian Room Cocktail Bar.

"Breaking stereotypes, showing some Asian Persuasion with a twist, FUNNY!"

Jenny Yang, Comic and Actress , Tuesday Night Projects.

"Love the military jokes. Gut laughing when I heard the (5 minutes to Shit , Shower, and Shave) by Army Sergeant."

Commander Arthur Fong, U.S. Navy Reserve.

"YOU ARE AWESOME! Look forward to seeing you at Active Recovery Showcase this Summer."

Michelle Garcia, Founder and Hostess for the Sober Talent Contest.

"Joe definitely knows how to work the stage and really engages the audience!"

Chris Gay, Co-Founder of USL Productions & Executive Producer of Tsunamedy.

"CPT Joe Luu is the Bomb! He's got the audience's attention the entire time. He is the Game Changer in comedy."

Dwight Dillon-Seminario, Marketing Director of Revolution Financial Management.

"Basically Mr. Funny Money, entertaining and Joe Luu is the Real Deal."

Tony Gutierrez, Owner of Office Zilla.

"Captain Joe Luu keeps it Live and Entertaining. Laughed my gut out. Looking forward to the next show."

Tetsu Yamauchi, Marketing Director of World Financial Group.

"Bursting at the seams, Hilarious!"

Kander McInnis, Senior Marketing Director of Revolution Financial Management.

"El Capitan muy funny...Chino from the outside pero Mexican from the inside."

Juan Carlos Vargas, District Manager for California Fish Grill.

"Joe speaks on Leadership, Public Speaking, and Motivation. His experience as a comedian makes him entertaining and engaging. When Joe relates his funny, personal stories about his struggles and working hard to get ahead in life, he leaves the audience entertained and inspired to do the same."

Gordon Limtiaco, Department Manager at Los Angeles Cemetery.

"Joe Luu brings joy and laughter during a time when we most need it! I love how he's unafraid to crack jokes on himself. I know Joe personally through our Toastmasters club where we work on our communication and leadership skills. Joe graciously volunteered to speak to my students at a Career Day in Panorama High School about budgeting and earning wealth."

Sammy Colon, President of Voces Latinas Toastmasters.

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