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CPT Joe Luu as Funny Money

Daytime: Money

Nighttime: Funny

From Refugee to G.I. Joe. Who is CPT Joe Luu?

       Hung Luu emigrated to Los Angeles when he was a child as a Vietnam War refugee. Hung grew up in the inner city of Los Angeles, Mc Arthur Park. As a youngster in an all hispanic neighborhood, he was often bullied for being different, foreign and un-American.  Hung had to use his humor, thanks to his Dad, to save his Butt many times.  He decided to join the military to become a patriotic "American" after high school. He served in the U.S. Army honorably and rose to the rank of captain.  He even changed his name to Joe because his Platoon called him G.L. Joe.  Joe Luu graduated from UCLA and holds an MBA. During the daytime, CPT Joe Luu coaches business executives on military doctrines and educates families on financial concepts. His business motto is "Learning Through Laughing".  At night, Joe Luu can be seen in the comedy world as the "Raw Like Sushi & In Your face" Comedian.  Joe Luu has performed comedy for at-risk youth, graduate students to politicians. Joe Luu has a Black and Yellow Comics Podcast on FB Live every Wednesday. CPT Joe Luu vows to give 10 percent of his revenue back to the community, the DAV, Disabled American Veterans.

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