“Through the lens of a soldier's experience, Luu provides clear and concise leadership tips that transfer into the civilian workplace. Try it! You will be sold”  Lynette Beckles, Case Manager, Workforce Development

"Enlisted, captain, MBA, comedian, international business owner Joe Luu lives to the fullest and his workshop about the comparisons of military, private and public sector into a workshop that can benefit all strata of the workforce." Cassie Jones, Employment Development Department

"Joe was engaging, attentive to the audience with their questions, and resourceful in providing practical applications for decision-making from a leadership perspective. On top of this he was really funny."  Gene Chu,  Senior Veteran Staff at EDD

"Joe Luu has an enthusiastic passion for motivating others. In his leadership seminar he engages audiences by relating personal stories of struggle and success. The invaluable leadership principles you will learn from Joe were culled from his years of experience in the military, in standup comedy, and in overcoming racial discrimination and stereotypes--even within his own family! Be inspired and entertained and learn from a real Army Captain! That's an order!"  Gordon Limtiaco, Funeral Director

"After attending Mr. Luu's Find Your Inner Voice course, it has taught me how to speak in front of others. Before I did not think it was that important , now I know it is."  Ilse Garcia, At Risk Youth

"Joe Luu’s Leadership seminar is a new way take on Leadership skills; it honors the time tested Military training in an entertaining presentation. I now use some his techniques in my work and private life."  America  Solis-Bowman, California State Manager

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