This chair was made in China, I was made in Vietnam. Get it right, people.

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(626) 320-4988
Facebook/Twitter?Youtube: @comedianjoeluu


Joe Luu is hilarious! I can't stop laughing on my way home.-Louis Easton, Producer of Still Thinking Entertainment.

That "Major Luu, Sir joke" still stays in my head.- William BLanco, Founder and CEO of Melie Bianco Fashions.

Just straight forward! Joe Luu tells you like it is, he is Raw! funny dude.- Tony Cosby, Comic at the J-spot and Flappers Comedy Club.

Funny guy, the joke "Made in China" is freaking clever.- Jose Ernie Alvarez, Arcadia High School Senior.

Joe Luu is not only funny but entertaining. Easy to relate to and an all around great guy.-Steven Briggs, Comic and Actor in Central Casting.

The funniest and realist comic in the game.-Jamario McClain, Host and Comic for the  Hawaiian Room Cocktail Bar.

Breaking stereotypes, showing some Asian Persuasion with a twist, FUNNY!-Jenny Yang, Comic and Actress , Tuesday Night Projects.

Love the military jokes. Gut laughing when I heard the (5 mins to Shit , Shower, and Shave) by Drill Sergeant- Sergeant First Class Luong Ma, Retired US Army.

YOU ARE AWESOME! Look forward to seeing you at Active Recovery Showcase this Summer.-Michelle Garcia, Founder and Hostess for the Sober Talent Contest.

"Joe definitely knows how to work the stage and really engages the audience!" -Chris Gay, co-founder of USL Productions & Executive Producer of Tsunamedy.


Malcolm Smith (917) 449-4932 - Talent promoter for the House of Blues( Hollywood)

Rico Fisher (714) 313-4304 - Producer of Old World Comedy Shows

Michelle Garcia (310) 968-0993 - Producer and Founder of Active Recovery and Sober Talent Contest

La Tonya Tonodeo (323) 239-3516 - Producer of the Oasis Comedy Show and the Club Giggles at Normandie Casino

Ryan Reayes (310) 486-2853 - Producer and Host for the Falcon Inn Comedy Shows

Louis Easton (626) 230-2368 - Producer and Founder of Still Thinking Entertainment and Black and Yellow Production

Tony Cosby (626) 354-7119 - Comedian and producer of Tony Cosby Production

Stevie Mack (310) 254-6233- Producer of Diary of a crackhead  at Improv Comedy Club(Hollywood) and Stevie Mack Radio

Greg Labaqui (323)963-4056 - General Manager for shows at the CCI-Celebrity Center International in Hollywood


Joe Luu has been seen at:

Flappers Comedy Club, J-Spot Comedy Club, Pomona/Claremont Colleges, Laugh Lounge,NYC, Broadway Comedy,NYC, Carolines on Broadway,NYC, Eastville Comedy Club,NYC, Club Giggles in Normandie Casino, Judge Sapp Court TV, Still Thinking Entertainment, 72 North Comedy in Old Town Pasadena, Stevie Mack Radio, The House of Blues in Hollywood, Yacht(All White Fashion Show) at Marina Del Rey and at the CCI(Celebrity Center International) in Hollywood.

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