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Black Friday, only in America

November 30, 2014
People wait outside many hours in the cold just to get $50 off a plasma TV. They could have been reading a finacial book that can buy them tons of plasma TVs.

Live Operator ASAP!

October 16, 2014
The best way to get a live person on the phone is by lying that you have a rotary phone. The system will get you to an operator, works every time.  How are they going to check if you have a touch tone phone??? 

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Difference between FOB & ABC

October 13, 2014
FOB wont bless you when you sneeze,

FOB will crash into you into your car and say, "Me so sorry"

ABC will pass you on the freeway, flip you off and say, "Get a Honda Civic biatch"

FOB does Sit down comedy and ABC do Stand up comedy
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October 7, 2014

I am getting my MBA so that people can now call me Master Luu.  Anyone can be a Dr. ,all  you have to do is sell drugs and rap like Dr. Dre.
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Americans with Hoodie

September 12, 2013

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Military Rankings

August 23, 2013
In the Army, soldiers are the legs, NCOs are the backbone and Officers are minds for an Army unit. Suit, I was an officer who specialized in Military Intelligence , that makes me a double oxymoron.   What a Major Luu, Sir. This is Joe Luu and U Know What To Do!
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You Know You are High When...

August 21, 2013
You forgot that you just ate and still have the munchies.
On stage , you keep on repeating the same jokes.
You constantly look for the remote control.
You forgot to water your marijuana plants.  This is a flaw to the perfection of Mother Nature,you got so high that you forgot to water the plants. (Talking about a taste of your Own Medicine...)
Lastly, you know if you are a big time Stoner when your house catches on fire, the first thing you grab is the joint, smoke it, and then hurry in for the b...
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Comedian vs Comedian

August 21, 2013

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Difference between Asian Americans and Asians (FOBs)

June 22, 2013
One passes you with a supt up Honda Civic and the other crashes into you and say "Oh, me so sorry".
One passes a ball in the NBA and the other passes the ESL exam. 
One examines your X Ray and the other does your nails.
One does Stand Up comedy and the other does Sit Down comedy and say, "Do Ma, an Pho ,hut Marlboro".
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Black and Yellow

March 26, 2013
My ex girlfriend is African American, every time when I make love to her I say,  yeah, ah ha, you know what it is , Black and Yellow , Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow
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