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JOE LUU's Bio:

      I am a first generation Asian American motivational speaker/comedian. My parents who are of Chinese and Vietnamese backgrounds, migrated to the inner city of Los Angeles, as Vietnam War refugees.  My large family, the 6 of us, grew up poor in a small 2 bedroom apartment in an all-Hispanic neighborhood. Throughout my childhood,  I was often bullied for being different, alien, and Asian.   I used my natural funny traits thanks to my Dad, to make friends with the  Latino gangsters.

        I moved out of the inner city to a better neighborhood called Temple City in the early 90's. After Temple City High School, I decided to join the U.S. Army for an opportunity to serve this nation as a proud American. After graduation from UCLA, I became an army officer. I served 10 years and moved up the ranks as a Captain. Upon completion of my service, I decided to pursue a career in motivational speaking and comedy. 

        Currently, I am giving back to my community.  I teach inner city kids and at risk youth on leadership and public speaking. I have mentored over 300 job seekers on marketing skills and building confidence. I have coached over 100 upper management at the Employment Development Department and Foothill Workforce Board. I help families with wealth building and financial literacy.   I  am THE MOTIVATOR.

This is Joe Luu and You  Know What To Do!

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